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If you’re looking for romance with heart, down-to-earth adventure, sports stars who give it their all on and off the field, and more, you’ve come to the right place.

My heroines are modern women, trying to make their way in the 21st century. They may be great at their jobs, but unlucky in love, or they’re looking to reinvent themselves when their world turns upside down. They are strong, capable, if somewhat vulnerable when it comes to matters of the heart. They’re looking for a man who can sweep them off their feet, and then he’ll use the broom to clean up the kitchen. A man who can throw a curveball and appreciate her curves. Someone who is not afraid to jump into a raging river, but might need some guidance when it comes to getting in touch with their feelings.

Swift River Romance

Welcome to Swift River home of whitewater, blue skies, and a golden opportunity at finding love among the rapids.

SWEPT AWAY [23795120]

Book One

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Book Two

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Oh, baby!
For the first time in her life, adventure reporter Miranda Wilde has a plan that doesn’t involve scaling mountains or swimming with sharks. Miranda is about to do something scarier—she’s about to become a mother. Determined to deliver the news to her unborn baby’s father, Miranda arrives in Swift River to find the rugged resort owner with whom she shared an unexpectedly sexy weekend. Except Carson Swift is out of town—on his honeymoon—leaving his twin brother in charge. It’s all Miranda can do not to fall apart in Cody Swift’s strong arms….

Miranda is the only woman who ever tempted Cody to settle down, which is exactly why he doesn’t reveal that he’s the twin who shared those soul-searing nights with her. Cody knows Miranda needs more than a rough-edged river guide to give her the life she deserves. Then he learns Miranda is carrying a baby—his baby—and he’s ready to stake his claim. But can he prove his heart is in the right place—and that this is one adventure they’re meant to have together, for a lifetime?


Thank you for visiting my website. I love to interact with readers and baseball fans and laundry avoiders.

My love of baseball and romance is combined in my More Than A Game series from Lyrical Press. The men of the San Francisco Goliaths play to win, in baseball and in love.

Portrait of baseball player with bare chest holding bat Cover Worth The Trade

Portrait of baseball player with bare chest holding bat --- Image by © Tetra Images/Corbis 



Love And Baseball

Baseballs and roses (2)

I love baseball. I love to watch baseball, I love to listen to games on the radio. I even enjoy playing, although I’m hardly the athlete I wish I was.

I love baseball movies. The first movie I saw with my now husband of twenty plus years was Field of Dreams. At my bachelorette party, I made my girlfriends watch Bull Durham. I also loved The Sandlot, Fever Pitch, For Love of the Game, and The Rookie.

I love the San Francisco Giants. I’ve sat through bitter cold nights at Candlestick Park and the empty post-strike ballpark where they had guest vendors Ben and Jerry toss out their wares to try and draw crows. I’ve been to  Opening Day, and one postseason game. I’ve only left a game early once, when my two-year-old realized he wasn’t going down on the field to play with Marvin Bernard. I have been to sell outs at AT&T Park and watched Barry Bonds break Babe Ruth’s intentional walk record. Last year I watched Angel Pagan’s inside-the-park-walkoff-homerun. Talk about an exciting finish.

I’ve watched my kids “run the bases” after a Sunday game and I got to see Hunter Pence up close and get his autograph after his interview at Fan Fest.

I love baseball.

And I especially love writing romance featuring baseball heroes. What’s sexier than an athlete? A guy totally in tune with his body. He works hard, plays hard and never gives up. A baseball player is a patient man. Whether it’s busting out of a slump or winning the heart of his true love, a ballplayer knows how to be persistent.

Ballplayers have passion, both on and off the field. They know how to be part of a team, they know how and when to sacrifice. They also remember what it’s like to experience joy and pride and camaraderie.

The ballplayers in my More Than A Game series play for the fictional San Francisco Goliaths. Champions on the field of play, they work just as hard at winning the game of love.

Book 1, Better Than Perfect comes out April 7.

The woman he left behind and the son he never knew are tougher opponents than any he’s met on the field.

Book 2, Worth The Trade will be available in September.

A ballplayer and a team owner would give anything for a championship, even their hearts.

Book 3, tentatively titled Making A Comeback is still a work in progress.