Kristina Mathews

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Diving In (A Swift River Romance #3)

 Life is good. At least that’s what it said on the front of Fisher Jones’s T-shirt. Standing in the parking lot of the American River Grill—the Argo to the locals—she accepted congratulations and hugs from her friends and co-workers. They had been celebrating her recent promotion to river operations manager. She’d be in charge of the rafting part of the Swift River Adventure Company and Resort. No one knew she’d been crafting a letter of resignation. One she’d been working on for weeks. No, months. But she didn’t have the courage to hand it in. She loved life on the American River. Taking visitors down the river was always a thrill. Whether it was someone’s first time or they were return customers, they always had a blast. She especially enjoyed helping people rise to the challenge of stepping outside their comfort zones. Fisher loved her job. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was she loved her boss. Her married, with children, boss. Four years ago, at this very bar, Cody Swift had hit on her. It being her first night in Prospector Springs, she had brushed him off. A good thing, since the very next morning she’d started her first day as his assistant guide. Although she’d seen dozens of women floating in and out of his bed, she’d come to know the real Cody. The man behind the fun-loving, life-of-the-party persona. They’d developed a friendship. And somewhere along the line, her feelings had deepened. She had hoped, after his twin brother, Carson, met and married Lily, Cody might consider settling down and sticking with one woman. And that’s exactly what he did. Only it was Miranda who had managed to capture his heart. And then she gave him two beautiful, perfect twin daughters, Ava and Addy.       

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